Australia's vasectomy reversal specialist

With over 3000 vasectomy reversal operations undertaken in more than 25 years I have performed more vasectomy reversals than any other reproductive microsurgeon currently practising in Australia.

It is only by continually performing large numbers of vasectomy reversal operations that is it possible to obtain consistently high success rates, reassuring you of being the wisest choice of microsurgeon to undertake your vasectomy reversal.

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Microsurgical vasectomy reversal

High powered operating microscopes, delicate microsurgical instruments and stitches that are so fine it is almost impossible to see them with the naked eye are used to re-establish patency of each vas deferens and reverse vasectomies with the greatest accuracy. Precise surgical methods and very accurate suture placement maximise the chance of restoring fertility.

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The results from vasectomy reversal operations are exceptional. For the average man undergoing vasectomy reversal in my care, surgery is successful in leading to the return of sperm 90% to 95% of the time.

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Dr Robert Woolcott - Vasectomy Reversal Australia

25 years experience

  • More than 3000 reversals performed
  • 250 to 300 vasectomy reversal operations performed annually

Highly qualified

  • Honours degree in Medicine and Surgery
  • Super-speciality certified in reproductive microsurgery and infertility

Personal Care

  • Your vasectomy reversal operation is performed by me from start to finish
  • No trainee surgeons