Retirement from practice

Dr Woolcott is no longer accepting new patients as he is retiring from medical practice. Dr Gabrielle Dezarnaulds is taking over his practice. To arrange a consultation and operation please contact Dr Dezarnaulds office by telephone on 02 9557 1988 or by email:

Book your vasectomy reversal

Australian citizens

It is easy to arrange a personal telephone consultation to discuss your situation with me personally and organise a date for vasectomy reversal.

You can either email my office or call on 02 8228 2720  
(which is a local call from anywhere in Australia)

International patients

International patients (from outside Australia) should initially contact my office :
- by email
- or telephone our office on +61 2 8228 2720.

Free telephone consultation

My secretary will organize a suitable time for a telephone consultation and a date for your procedure.

There is no charge for your initial telephone consultation. It is a free service design to ensure that you are suitable for surgery and well informed about the nature of vasectomy reversal, its success rate and surrounding issues.

Call 02 8228 2720  ››  

    Email our office  ››    

GP Referral

Once you have decided to undergo surgery a referral from your General Practitioner is required for Australian citizens and reciprocal Medicare cardholders in order to be able to claim a Medicare rebate or receive health insurance refunds for your vasectomy reversal operation.

Please note that bookings for surgery are generally booked out approximately one to two months in advance.

Call 02 8228 2720  ››

Email our office    ››

Dr Robert Woolcott - Vasectomy Reversal Australia

30 years experience

  • More than 7000 microsurgical operations performed
  • Over 1000 vasectomy reversal procedures in last 5 years

Highly qualified

  • Honours degree in Medicine and Surgery
  • Certified sub-specialists in fertility microsurgery

Personal Care

  • Your vasectomy reversal operation is performed by me from start to finish
  • No trainee surgeons