Recovery after vasectomy reversal

Recovery is generally rapid with virtually all patients leaving hospital within 24 hours of vasectomy reversal. There is usually discomfort at the operation site. Most men can do normal non-strenuous day-to-day activities within the first week after vasectomy reversal. About 10% on men will recover at a rate slower than normally expected. Almost everyone will be back to all normal physical activities within one month.

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Postoperative care

Wound problems are uncommon. There are no external stitches as dissolvable sutures as place under the skin. Gentle washing of the area of the operation is permitted the day after surgery. Padding should be placed within firm fitting underwear for support.

Physical activity

Once you go home from hospital after your vasectomy reversal you should be prepared to rest. Light physical activity is reasonable immediately. Excessive movement and exercise should be avoided for 4 weeks as this may damage your surgery. Common sense is important with the essential rule being: "If it hurts - do not do it".

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Sexual activity

Sex should be avoided for 4 weeks after your vasectomy reversal.

Going back to work

Most men can return to work within 7 to 10 days of vasectomy reversal. Those who work in sedentary occupations could do so earlier and those with strenuous jobs should wait longer.

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