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Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy reversal is a cost effective "one step" method of reclaiming your fertility successfully in the majority of men.

Whether you've had a change of circumstance or a change of mind a vasectomy reversal is usually effective at restoring fertility. You can expect patency (sperm) in up to 90% of men after Vasectomy Reversal and depending on the woman's age most couples will then conceive naturally.

The success of your surgery depends on the experience and expertise of your surgeon. For the last 17 years I have been helping men and couples achieve pregnancy.

Please explore below for detail on all aspects of vasectomy reversal, the costs and decision process or call or email my rooms and organise a no charge phone consult at your convenience.

Cost of vasectomy reversal

Vasectomy reversal is provided at a reasonable and predictable total cost (Surgeon, Anaesthetist and hospital fees are all transparent).

If you have health insurance and medicare the out of pocket cost is as low as $4,400. For those without insurance, as low as $7,800.

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Deciding between vasectomy reversal and IVF?

You may be trying to choose between vasectomy reversal or IVF. It is best to consider this decision not as an 'either-or' issue but rather a question of what order you should undergo each treatment. By this I mean whether vasectomy reversal or IVF is the wisest first choice.

I generally recommend vasectomy reversal as the first step. It is a single procedure and usually means that your partner can avoid IVF (and you a surgical sperm retrieval).

Also important in this decision is that extracting sperm for IVF, a surgical procedure, taken from either the epididymis (PESA) or testis (TESE) runs the risk of damaging the path of the sperm leaving the testis. Therefore reducing the chance of successful vasectomy reversal if you choose to have one in the future.

On the other hand if vasectomy reversal is undertaken first then, on average, 90% of men will achieve the presence of sperm. If pregnancy does not occur naturally the presence of sperm simplifies IVF (no need for surgical sperm retrieval).

This means that if you first do a Vasectomy Reversal and then do IVF, over time, you are more likely to have success than if you do it the other way arround. So while IVF is an excellent treatment when undertaken at a high quality IVF clinic such as Genea it is my view that in most cases vasectomy reversal is the wisest first choice.

Predictors of successful vasectomy reversal

There are a range of predictors of successful vasectomy reversal which you should consider when making a decision to reverse your vasectomy. These include the length of time from your initial vasectomy to its reversal, your partners age and if you have had a prior IVF sperm extraction. The expertise and experience of your surgeon matters.

Need more detail ?

If you would like more detail my colleague, Dr Robert Woolcott, wrote an excellent article.

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Dr Gabrielle Dezarnaulds - Vasectomy Reversal Australia