Cost of vasectomy reversal

We are able to keep costs reasonable as a result of an agreement between my anaesthetist, assistant surgeon and myself that allows for control of surgical costs and limits the expense of the procedure.

The cost of vasectomy reversal is made up of 3 components that are:

  • Surgical fees (for surgical procedure & peri-operative consultations)
  • Anaesthetist’s fee
  • Hospital fee (for operating theatre and hospital accommodation)

The cost of each will vary depending on whether or not you have health insurance and in which day surgery or hospital your choose to have your operation.

Out of pocket expense

If you are an Australian citizen and do have health insurance the approximate final out of pocket cost of vasectomy reversal ranges from $3100 (Sydney) to $4300 (Perth) depending on which hospital you choose.

If you do not have health insurance the final out of pocket cost ranges from $6600 (Sydney) to $10,200 (Perth).

The cost for non-Australian international patients without appropriate health insurance will be between $8,000 (Sydney) and $11,100 (Perth).

These amounts are our best estimates for operations which are undertaken in 2019 and include the surgical, anaesthesia and day surgery or hospital fees. Fees increase annually on 1 January by a percentage equivalent to the inflation rate.

A booking payment is due 4 weeks prior to surgery.

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Anaesthetic Fees

Fees for anaesthesia may vary according to the anaesthetist, the length and complexity of your surgery and the hospital or day surgery that you choose to attend.

Hospital Fees

If you have top-level health insurance that covers vasectomy reversal and you have not elected to have a gap payment then it is highly likely that your insurance will cover all of your hospital fees (but not the doctors fees).

You may be required to pay the hospital fee on admission and then claim from your health fund following the operation. As all funds do not rebate the same you should contact the Hospital or Day Surgery of your preference to ascertain the exact amount and method of payment and/or rebate.

If you do not hold health insurance or only have 'ancillary' or 'basic' cover then it is likely that you will have to pay for the entire hospital cost for both surgery and accommodation. This is the reason why the final out of pocket expense if higher.

Surgical booking payment

A payment is required 4 weeks prior to the date of your operation to confirm your place on an operating list (or at the time of confirmation of date of surgery if booking is made less than 4 weeks before your operation). The amount depends on where your have your surgery. In Sydney the booking payment is $4810 (which includes surgical and anaesthetic fees) and in Perth it is $4720 (to Dr Woolcott or Dr Dezarnaulds - a separate payment is due to the anaesthetist).

A cancellation fee of $500 is payable for cancellation of surgery less than 4 weeks prior to the date of operation. This amount will be refunded if a future booking for surgery is made.

Retirement from practice

Dr Woolcott is no longer accepting new patients as he is retiring from medical practice. Dr Gabrielle Dezarnaulds is taking over his practice. To arrange a consultation and operation please contact Dr Dezarnaulds office by telephone on 02 9557 1988 or by email:

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