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Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal in Sydney

Whether you've had a change of circumstance or a change of mind, a Vasectomy reversal is a cost effective "one step" method of reclaiming your fertility successfully in the majority of men. You can expect patency (sperm) in up to 90% of men after Vasectomy Reversal and depending on the woman's age most couples will then conceive naturally.

Vasectomy reversal is usually effective at restoring fertility. The results and success rate of vasectomy reversal operations depends of the expertise of your surgeon.

Two convenient Surgical locations

Sydney Vasectomy Reversal Centre has two convenient locations at

Close to Sydney airport and transport options for our local and interstate patients.

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Cost of vasectomy reversal

Vasectomy reversal is provided at reasonable cost as a result of an agreement between my anaesthetist, assistant surgeon and myself that allows for control and limits on the expense of the procedure. If you have full health insurance the cost can be as little as $3,650 and for those without insurance $7,050. There are however a number of influences on your final out of pocket cost which include your level of health insurance cover and which hospital you wish to have your procedure performed.

Deciding between vasectomy reversal and IVF?

You may be trying to choose between vasectomy reversal or IVF. I generally recommend vasectomy reversal as the first step. It is a single procedure and usually means that your partner can avoid IVF (and you a surgical sperm retrieval). Follow the link below for a full explanation of the choices.

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Dr Gabrielle Dezarnaulds - Vasectomy Reversal Australia