Choosing a vasectomy reversal doctor

It is your decision to choose the surgeon who will perform your vasectomy reversal. This choice is crucial in determining the success or failure of the procedure.

There a important questions you should ask both of the doctor who intends to carry out your vasectomy reversal and the hospital or day surgery in which you will have your operation:

  • Is the doctor certified as a specialist by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority?

    ( beware as some doctors who put themselves out a specialist vasectomy reversal surgeons are not specialists at all, however their web sites attempt to avoid this fact)

  • Does the doctor have sub-specialty certification (a specialist's specialist) and extensive training in reproductive microsurgery?

    (sub-specialty certified specialists will characteristically possess the letters CREI after their name)

  • Is vasectomy reversal the most common operation the surgeon performs?

    (for most doctors vasectomy reversal is only a small part of the surgery they undertake - you should ask "do you perform more vasectomies or urological procedures than vasectomy reversal?")

  • Does the doctor perform large numbers (>200) of vasectomy reversal operations per year?

    (most doctors who perform vasectomy reversal in Australia undertake less than 20 operations per year)

  • Is the hospital or day surgery where the doctor intends to perform your surgery accredited by your state government department of health?

    (typically if they are not then no health insurance fund will pay for the hospital stay or operating theatre component of your surgery)

  • Does your doctor perform the operation from beginning to end?

    (confirm that no fellows or trainees are undertaking any part of your surgery)

  • Does your doctor use a dedicated operating microscope, microsurgical instruments and have staff that are thoroughly experienced in all aspects of microsurgical vasectomy reversal?

    (characteristically who perform low numbers of vasectomy reversals do not use such facilities)

  • Does your chosen doctor regularly perform re-do vasectomy reversals on patients where other doctors operations have failed?

    (surgeons with less experience typically will not)

  • Can your doctor perform microsurgical vaso-epididymostomy operation if required?

    (only very experienced microsurgeons can successfully undertake such procedures)

  • Has your doctor published medical journal articles on vasectomy reversal?

    ›› Read my most recent article written for 'Australian Doctor' journal

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With at least 250 vasectomy reversal operations undertaken annually and 30 years experience we have performed more vasectomy reversals than any other reproductive microsurgeons currently practicing in Australia. We always perform microsurgical vasectomy reversal operations (both vaso-vasostomy and vaso-epididymostomy) from beginning to end and regularly undertake re-do procedures when vasectomy reversals carried out by other surgeons have failed. As certified specialists and sub-specialists with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority who only operates in government certified and accredited facilities with specialised microsurgical equipment and staff, you can be assured of the highest standards of care.

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Dr Robert Woolcott - Vasectomy Reversal Australia

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  • More than 7000 microsurgical operations performed
  • Over 1000 vasectomy reversal procedures in last 5 years

Highly qualified

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  • Certified sub-specialists in fertility microsurgery

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  • Your vasectomy reversal operation is performed by me from start to finish
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