Locations for vasectomy reversal

Your surgery is performed in Sydney at Genea Day Surgery, located at 321 Kent Street in the central business district or Strathfield Private Hospital, located near all transport routes and easily accessible from all parts of the city. In Newcastle your vasectomy reversal is performed at Lingard Private Hospital, Merewether, 3km south of the CBD and in Perth, at Hollywood Private Hospital, Western Australia's leading private medical facility.

Two locations

Genea Day Surgery

321 Kent Street, Sydney NSW

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Strathfield Private Hospital

3 Everton Road, Strathfield NSW

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Hollywood Private Hospital

101 Monash Avenue, Nedlands WA

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For those travelling from Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and other interstate locations, all three vasectomy reversal clinics are conveniently located with easy transport from local airports.

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Dr Robert Woolcott - Vasectomy Reversal Australia

30 years experience

  • More than 7000 microsurgical operations performed
  • Over 1000 vasectomy reversal procedures in last 5 years

Highly qualified

  • Honours degree in Medicine and Surgery
  • Certified sub-specialists in fertility microsurgery

Personal Care

  • Your vasectomy reversal operation is performed by me from start to finish
  • No trainee surgeons